$1.2M Hack Shows Why You Should Never Store Bitcoins on ...

Authoritarian @gladoscc on GitHub (who proposed removing Coinbase from bitcoin.org) is known scammer TradeFortress

User [email protected] -- webmaster for both hashie.co and coinchat.org -- ties TradeFortress to Hashie...
This is the monster created by Core / Blockstream / theymos censorship and broken governance and misunderstanding of Nakamoto consensus - the inevitable result is they end up enabling a known authoritarian / scammer like @gladoscc - allowing him to help set policy for a p2p network currently worth 7 billion USD (when instead he would be exposed, ridiculed and shunned in a non-censored community).
A sampling of autoritarian comments from @gladoscc is shown below:
We definitely need to coerce Coinbase into switching back to Bitcoin Core. If we do not take any action, we're setting a dangerous precedent where other wallets and services are allowed to break apart from the consensus.
– @gladoscc
I think we may need to start an accreditation scheme for Bitcoin [Core / Blockstream]-consensus compliant wallets and services.
– @gladoscc
Removing Coinbase from Bitcoin.org is not 'banishment', we're just expressing our opposition.
I have been calling for Coinbase, Blockchain.info, Xapo, Circle, BitGo, etc to be removed from bitcoin.org a long time ago. I still think we should preemptively remove all the above services until they sign a letter renouncing their support for Bitcoin Xt, and anything Gavin or Hearn makes.
– @gladoscc
I'm not sure how we can reliably identify transactions as from Coinbase, but even if we could, we should not reject Coinbase transactions as it removes fungibility of bitcoin.
Instead, if we can reliably identify their transactions, we could set a fee multiplier for Coinbase/Blockchain.info/Xapo/Circle/BitGo transactions, like 4x. Bitcoin Core already intends to do this in inverse with the 0.25x multiplier for SegWit, the preferred Bitcoin scaling solution.
A better long term solution may be provable computing, plus multisig, with miners verifying that transactions have been signed by Blockstream or another entity in that the node/wallet they are running is compliant with Bitcoin [Core / Blockstream] consensus rules.
– @gladoscc
Core / Blockstream / theymos have forgotten the definition of Nakamoto consensus:
The idea expressed by various Core devs / supporters that consensus rules "aren't up for CPU vote" reflects either a bizarre misunderstanding of permissionlessness or a deliberate attempt to dissemble. – tsontar
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[L] SFYL pending. Captain of the industry TradeFortress reboots 'inputs.io' as 'wallet.la' after previously losing $1.2M worth of Bitcoin in a "hack".

[L] SFYL pending. Captain of the industry TradeFortress reboots 'inputs.io' as 'wallet.la' after previously losing $1.2M worth of Bitcoin in a submitted by _______SFYL_________ to Buttcoin [link] [comments]

Australian bitcoin user TradeFortress says site hacked, $1 million in virtual currency stolen

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Inputs.IO / CoinLenders / TradeFortress /r/Bitcoin

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Authoritarian @gladoscc on GitHub (who proposed removing Coinbase from bitcoin.org) is known scammer TradeFortress /r/btc

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Quiz time: Name a bitcoin brokerage that will never have a headline ending with "... unable to repay customers following alleged heist"?

Answer: Novauri.
Sign up for our closed US beta in Q2 2015 and we will waive your purchase and sale fees. Forever.
Novauri is a bitcoin purchase and sale service going into a closed US beta in Q2 of this year. What's different about Novauri?
When you create your account with Novauri and generate a wallet, we never, ever have access to your private keys. This isn't an option, it's the design of the service. We even let you add your own address (such as a paper or hardware wallet), and we'll send bitcoin you buy directly to it.
So what? Why should you care?
This won't happen to you at Novauri.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or this.
Or dozens of others.
Novauri is designed to work safely with bitcoin and let you keep control of your money. We told you so then, and we are telling you again now. Services that pool any customer bitcoin are not safe, regardless of their level of security. Insiders are humans, and some of them steal and most of them can be manipulated.
We're clear to operate in the majority of US states for our online service, and we are working on the rest aggressively. Keeping a bank is always hard for a brokerage without powerful connections, but we are confident we will still launch in Q2 as promised.
Please sign up for our service and give us your support.
Thank you!
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Last time, Coindesk promoted input.io, and this time it goes on to promote coinjar.

Edit: inputs.io, instead of input.io
Zhou Tong and Tradefortress---two infamous scammers----seems to be the same person. http://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/2xg6zh/thief_zhou_tong_remains_unpunished_so_he_comes/
If that's the fact, then every year in the past he created an bitcoin related "application"----most likely to be wallet service----to steal users' money. And each time, many famous news source such as Coindesk will promote his new service intensely.
It's weird, yes?
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How legit is Coinlenders.com?

I'm wondering if its a good investment and not a Ponzi scheme.
Thanks for your input.
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TradeFortress won't be reporting the inputs.io theft to police.

I found an interesting quote in this guardian article.
TradeFortress, who is Australian, told the Canberra Times that he won't be reporting the incident to the police because of the "extremely limited actions" they could take, given the difficulty of tracing the currency.
While normally I would agree with him, I think that due to the high value nature of the crime, the AFP would likely investigate along with the FBI. We could see international cooperation in a case as big as this.
While the chance of tracking down the hackers is low, it's possible that the hackers slipped up somewhere along the way. Either way it doesn't hurt to file a police report, and given the amount stolen I think it's the least he could do for his users.
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Is Cobra-Bitcoin a Theymos sock puppet?

Is "Cobra-Bitcoin" a Theymos sock puppet? The name popped up when there was all this controversy over the domain name. Theymos suddenly claimed "Cobra" also one of the owners of the domain bitcoin.org. It seems nobody heard of "Cobra-Bitcoin" or know who he/she is or why he/she was suddenly a co-owner of Bitcoin.org. Given the pull request at https://github.com/bitcoin-dot-org/bitcoin.org/pull/1178 I would say it is highly likely that it is just a Theymos sock puppet he created to try to propose ideas and any blowback will be towards this "Cobra-Bitcoin" instead of Theymos. Note that Tradefortress (gladoscc) chimed in on the Github thread so I would say this whole thing is probably a Theymos production.
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I've decided to invest in either LTC, PPC, XPM or Ripple. Which one has the most potential?

Hello, I have a gut feeling that by 2015 at least of one these will follow suit and become semi-mainstream like Bitcoin recently did.
The most confusing part is separating the fanboy bullshit from the true core ideals of the developers behind each one.
For example, one of the top pages you stumble upon when googling Ripple is the ripplescam.org site, which was created by TradeFortress who apparently is an 18 year old who chooses to stay anonymous and operates inputs.io which was supposedly "hacked".
My thoughts on the coins:
Litecoin - Pretty cool, don't know if having faster microtransactions and Scrypt is enough to garner merchant attention for now.
Peercoin - Seems good for long term, apparently cannot be used that well for microtransactions once it appreciates in value.
Primecoin - Don't know much about this coin, honestly. Just heard it has lots of perks but have yet to see any support for it.
Ripple - I think it has good long term potential simply because it appeals to the government and they are more likely to let something like it go mainstream as opposed to letting anarchy prevail and accepting bitcoin, a coin that is currently used in all illegal marketplaces. In fact, after reading the forums and watching some videos these guys seem as close as Circle is to revolutionizing cryptocurrency.
Any input appreciated, thanks.
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I hate to say, but we should not have trusted inputs.io. Also, victims should report to police office asap.

I ever read articles on coindesk, that recommend inputs.io service. Because of that gullibility, I lost 10 coins.
After reading the interview, I have to say, we all have been fooled by that 'over 18 old boy', who keeps telling lies.
That guy, known only as ‘‘Tradefortress’’, refused to give his real name to Fairfax Media. I can not understand why coindesk highly recommend such a site, even when all us never know his name and home address and resume. Why coindesk suggest us deposit our money to such a site? So crazy!
That guy, Said some theft stole the coins, and he will not report to police office because 'it gives them control of their money'. Lies! Only if he lost his own money, can he speak out such words. In this case, his attitude means he is just the allegedly theft. The theft is afraid of being report to police, and all victims should report to police ASAP! Don't be fooled again by his another lie that 'he will repay some coins but never give us exact days'.
I, having tremendous trust in bitcoin, have to say there are too many scammers who wanna make themselves rich by robbing us. I hear a Chinese guy, with a name of 'Xiaolai Li', who eagerly likes being interviewed by National media, just opened a website encouraging people to deposit bitcoins into his address promising high interest. However, 6 months ago, the same guy 'Xiaolai LI', ever wanted to save bitcoins for people with a 5% yearly storage fee. All he want is always people's bitcoins, so do the infamous inputs.io owner 'Tradefortress'. These bad guys keep telling lies again and again, and what they do is ruining the repute of bitcoin.
The world of bitcoin was built by genius, we who love bitcoin shall expel those cheaters. Police can't control bitcoin world, and now they don't want to. But they can seize criminals who do harm to bitcoin.
Thank you for your reading.
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On Moderation, Bitcoin, and Creating Content

Ok, I don't care that much about moderation. To begin with, the moderators get to have the kind of community they want. That's how that works. If they don't want your content, you should take it elsewhere. That said, this community should probably start having a discussion about what they want, and how they want it to look. So, I thought I would give a little bit of advice to the mods, should they choose to accept it, and all of you out in Bitcoinlandia can take it for what it's worth because... well... this is a community of whiney little babies, and I can't imagine how hard it must be to not listen to the constant complaining. I, myself, am regularly moderated, which I usually face by sending a quick message off to a mod or two. Frankly, I don't care that much if I'm moderated, but I do find moderation ironic in a world filled with anarchists.
Now, I'm often called a bully and a troll. They are distinctions I'm fine with. The only thing I really care about is truth, and I hate when people show up here and try to convince the community of things that are untrue.
When I started in Bitcoin I was much younger and much more naive. I remember negotiating to purchase bitcoins with Paypal with people forever ago, or free Bitcoins that were given out of faucets. I remember Bitcoinica and the weird failure. I remember the first edition of Bitcoin Magazine. I remember when [email protected] was asking for money, and I watched as people gave it to him. The forums were abuzz with rumors that he was investing in dark markets, and that's how his returns were so incredible. I didn't know enough then. I remember sitting there watching it and thinking, "how can you know that it's a ponzi" as others accused him loudly of running an obvious scheme. I remember when Matthew N. Wright made a bet with the community of (I believe) 10,000 Bitcoins that it Pirate would pay, and when that time passed, Matthew withdrew his bet, and told everyone he was teaching them a lesson. He was drummed out of the community, gave up his equity in Bitcoin magazine and the other dozen projects he was a part of. I remember when bitinstant came about and saved us all so much time, as we had to go to our local drug store and pick up the weird blue phone. An Indian would pick up and you would feed him a random set of numbers. Then suddenly, a few hours/days/indeterminate amount of time later, money would show up at Mt. Gox. I remember TradeFortress, and the Bruce Wagner ordeal, and dozens and dozens and dozens of other weird scams or things that looked like scams. I remember when mining started and people began bilking investors out of mining contract profits. And I remember getting scammed myself numerous times. And always, scammers feed on one thing: your personal greed. I was taken for many many Bitcoin by TradeFortress when he offered a Bitcoin index fund. I thought I was being reasonable when I put my money into the slow-growth fund. The returns that were promised were far less than all the other scams, what could go wrong? In a world where people were promising to double your money every month, TF promised only that he would double it every year or so. Reasonable, right? When I went to withdraw my funds... they weren't there. I didn't know then what I know now.
I remember sitting in the audience at the first North American Bitcoin conference put on by Pumper Moe Levin. By that time, I'd become fairly sensitive to scammers in the space, though I'm still surprised by their brazenness. I even tweeted about one scam that was pitching shares in an oil drilling company https://twitter.com/junseth/status/427102576824582144. It was there that I saw Neo&Bee stand in front of a packed room and explain their plan to bring freedom and wonder to the people of Greece. I remember feeling uneasy about the polish of the pitch. It looked great, but I didn't understand a goddamn thing they said. I didn't trust my gut. Months later, millions had been stolen, and the CEO was flaunting his newfound wealth on Facebook as he took pictures of himself in nice cars. All of us sat there and watched that happen. And since then, I have heard dozens of others who were in the audience tell me that they also were as uneasy as I was about the Neo&Bee presentation. None of us said anything because we are blinded by our desire for this to work.
After Neo&Bee, I promised myself I would never let something that sat uneasy rest without asking probative questions. I was called a troll for attacking bitcoin-trader.biz when bitcoin moderator u/SeansOutpost took their money as the main sponsor of Coins in the Kingdom. They were an obvious ponzi, and he let them show up to try to bilk the community. That's fine. I'm happy to let Sean profit, in spite of himself. It speaks poorly of his character and makes me know that he will put his own desire for popularity or success or whatever the fuck it is ahead of the wellbeing of those he is hosting. But in lieu of my promise, I camped myself at the Bitcoin-trader.biz table for the remainder of the weekend, and explained to everyone who spoke with the man and woman behind the table (themselves investors in the ponzi) why it was an obvious scam.
"We do arbitrage to make 1% per day," the man behind the table would say. They had a live feed of all the arbitrage that they said they were doing.
There is a simple investment mindtrick called the rule of 72. Basically, if someone is giving you a percentage return, you can figure out how long it will take to double your money. You divide 72 by the percentage, but make sure to keep the units the same. So at 1% per day, they are promising a doubling of your money every 72 days, or 5x per year. So a quick extrapolation would mean that if you put $10 in on day one, 365 days later, you would be able to pull out $320 and 730 days later (2 years) you'd have earned a cool $10k. Three years in, if you invested $10, you'd have earned over $300k. Does that sound reasonable to you? "So what you're telling me is that if I give you $10 today, in 3 years, you'll give me over $300,000?"
"No, that's not what I said," the guy manning the booth told me. "I told you 1% per day."
So I did the math for him, which he scoffed at, but which seemed convincing enough to the people thinking of investing. Those two threatened to sue me and they went back to Canada, where they emailed the head of the Bitcoin-trader.biz group. They pressed him for an audit after my so-called trolling, and then a week and a half later, he disappeared with their money and a few million dollars more. In the aftermath, I had a call with the man behind the booth. He said something like, "I thought that the guy who was standing at our booth all weekend was trolling us, but when the fund closed, I realized he knew something we didn't."
Here's the thing, probative questions are uncomfortable. I have been around these parts pretty long, and I'm incredibly familiar with the technology for a guy who doesn't know a lick about comp-sci. You have seen my memes batted about, and you may have even used them yourself in spite of hating me. You may listen to Bitcoin Uncensored even though you hate the Bitcoin gossip. You might have even accidentally been subject to my ire in a debate you accidentally got into with me. The reality is, I create a huge amount of the content that Bitcoiners consume. Others like u/eragmus, u/btcdrak, and even u/americanpegasus are doing content and curation as well. You can hate our content, you can like our content, but the reality is that these communities are built by maybe 1% of us content creators. I enjoy the childish requests for no moderation, because behind the curtain, most of you will run like a child to any of the many moderators here and tell on people. The Open Bazaar team just did it to me, and I got warning from moderator u/Aussiehash whom I told to fuck off. What everyone really means when they say they don't like censorship, is that they don't like censorship of the content they want to consume. The instant they are offended, they want that content censored. Words like troll are used against people whose content you don't like, hijacking posts is the word used for the person creating the most content in a post. Recently, Andreas Antonopoulos (despite being on the front page lamenting the censorship) blocked me on Twitter because Tatianna Moroz told him I'm a sexist. Again, fine, but ironic considering the claim that one is against censorship carte blanche. Adam Levine censored me while trying to prove that he's completely against censorship.
Me, I don't care about censorship. Community's are built through some kind of pruning. The kind of community I like is one that self-polices and makes prunes itself much like Wikipedia. Those that don't want to be a part of it, don't have to be, and those that want to be a part of it choose themselves to participate. Censorers are always vilified. So I don't do it. I don't do it at all. So the great question is not whether you should censor, but who gets to decide who gets to censor. So here's my proposal. Everyone, stick around bitcoin. It's a great place, and u/theymos has done a pretty darn good job of not fucking shit up. Do I agree with his current moderation decisions? I wouldn't have done what he did. But I don't think this is a moral question. On the other end, I have bitcoinarchy. I have set it up, me and u/brighton36 will be the only moderators. And our only promise is that we won't moderate anything. And we have a history of being completely unrelenting in our unwillingness to censor. So now you can't say dick. You can hate me, you can love me, but if what you are ACTUALLY looking for is a uncensored forum, then join my subreddit. Somehow, I'm willing to bet that most of you are looking for a place that does the kind of censorship you like, and not no censorship.
Does that solve everybody's problem?
u/ThePiachu, u/rbitcoin-bot, u/colsatre, u/StarMaged, u/DotGaming, u/BashCo, u/frankenmint, u/gruez, u/arthurbouquet, u/DigitalGoose, u/MineForeman, u/Camdien
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I know you guys all hate Ripple, but I think this is pretty important: Ripple now has its own 'Bitinstant.'

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TradeFortress has been back for 6 weeks and no one noticed

Bitcointalk.org post history
Remember back in December...
TradeFortress won't be reporting the inputs.io theft to police.
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Thief Zhou tong remains unpunished, so he comes back to start another "application" to steal more btc. Is that so called "free market" for him?

Australia? Zhou tong comes back with tradefortress this time? Or they are the same person?
Zhou Tong born in China, completed his high school education in Singapore. and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia.
Tradefortress is known as an Australia resident from China.
Similar age.
Zhou tong is a typical Chinese thief, who does not care about his name and never cherish honesty. So he can still steal money even when everyone knows who is he and who are his family members. Same as the webmaster of bter and tradefortress: another two Chinese people.
Now he comes back with his Coinjar. He said he brings in another "application" for Bitcoin community.
I would say, fraudulent/evil application does harm to Bitcoin, we don't need it.
I would say, thieves/scammers doe harm to Bitcoin, we don't need them.
One day, most of us will realize that we don't need any Chinese to provide any "wallet"/"bank"/"exchange" service. Perhaps after 1 million times of scam. Many of us will say: it's free market.
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Coindesk intensely promotes scam, Again!

We all know coindesk intensely and successfully promoted big scams such as tradefortress, coinjar,(These two scam sites seem to have the same scammer: Thief Tong Zhou ) and no apologies.
Now they start to promote factom, and told readers it's 'Software Sale'.
In fact, that scam site does NOT sell anything else, and does not "Crowdfunding". What that site does is trying their best to persuade you to "donate" your bitcoin to them and get "nothing". They spend much money advertising this scam and try to make you believe you can sell the "nothing" you bought to some other idiots. They see you as idiots now.
Shame on Coindesk. Coindesk never try to tell you the truth. They think "fiction" is a better type of news.
I never heard of that factom before. It is quite likely that it's a new site without any "real" things and then pay for advertisement here and there. Or it's next "neobee".
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Perhaps Bitcoin Sucks

I know this post will be downvoted, But I have to say these words because I love bitcoin so much. This should be the last post I show pessimistic mood here.
I still own 2200 BTC, after losing more than 1000 BTC on mtgox. I was fascinated by the thought of decentralized payment system and invested 10 months ago.
The ideas of Bitcoin is still dazzling me, While the infrastructure is in the process of "Gresham's law".
To prosper, holders of bitcoin have to spend/deposit BTC into exchanges/other service, while most of those service webmasters are anonymous. There is no sound reason for them to dare to ask people to give BTC/money to them while persuading people to believe "anonymous is the convention of Bitcoin World.
Convention? Now the price is more than $500, instead of $1. We can see what happened all these days. With the rising of price, people who used to be a good man and enjoy managing a website can't resist the tempt and they became fraudster one after another. What's more important is that nearly none of them got punished. That's to say, people who keep honest got "punished" by such "convention".
Even Mark Karpeles can carried out embezzlement, let alone those anonymous people.
I don't understand why so many people dare to recommend people to deposit BTC to service founded by anonymous person. For example, Coindesk.com encouraged people to use the service of inputs.io, a scam site founded by "tradefortress". Let alone Btc-e.
Who trusts such site would be called idiot in the real world. However, it's "convention" in the "Bitcoin World".
I am not Afraid of disaster. What frightened me is "There is no solution to prevent a repeat“
I walk around from Bitcointalk to Reddit/bitcoin, I read carefully all the known scam in the short history of Bitcoin.
I, now, feel deep despair and extreme bearish for Bitcoin's destiny.
Those theives and fraudsters happened again and again, but nothings changed since then. In the fact, the situations now is becoming worse and worse. Crime occurred, much more crime is going to happen in the disguise of Self-Govern.
Without all those sites that will out to be scam eventrually, what infrastructure does and will Bitcoin World has? Bitcoin World has coinbase, bitpay, overstock, tigerdirect, zynga...... Not too bad.
I see a giant who stand behind, Mark Andressen, Who invests in Bitcoin frastructure to prosper this industry. However, according to what I learnt from this subreddit and bitcointalk, This titan has gained much less respect than he deserves for what he contributes to Bitcoin.
A hero stood out, Benjamin Lawsky, who believes in bitcoin more than most of you. I listened the hearings and knew holy spirit blessed him. What he proposed last week is exactly what Bitcoin World needs. Of course he is cursed by those bad guys. And what supprising me is that so many people still hate regulations while they are calling them bitcoin enthusiasts.
I know the proportion of fraudsters and theives is surprising high under this subreddit and bitcointalk, which makes me feel uneasy.
I don't want to argue with them. In the fact, I don't want to talk about same thing with them.
This is the reason why I quit.
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Even now I can't believe my savings on MtGox has gone forever.

I used mtgox as my online wallet, and there was 700 btc there before the crisis.
Later, I bought hundreds of btc via bitcointalk, at the ratio of 0.75
I even received emails from MtGox Customer service saying that "all the btc are safe".
Things go so weird that till now I still have hope, even that I know it's not realistic.
I ever believed Mark is very very honest, but now I have to begin to doubt.
I am not an early adopter, and now I feel very sad.
I feel being robbed and I can do nothing.
I always believe that bitcoin itself don't need regulation, while bitcoin enterprise should be regulated properly.
I don't know why so many people like “tradefortress” insist that everything about bitcoin need not being regulated while they are trying to make profit on the bitcoin.
I love bitcoin so much, partly because this sentence by Satoshi: I’ve been working on bitcoin’s design) since 2007. At some point I became convinced there was a way to do this without any trust required at all and couldn’t resist to keep thinking about it.
I hate hackers and fraudsters, they are impairing bitcoin Under the banner of supporting bitcoin.
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Lawlessness is anarchy, not a free market.

We all know, many scammers try their best to curse any law, any regulation.
They disguise themself as bitcoin fan, and what they really want to do is getting money/BTC from the hand of bitcoiners.
There is a Saying: Lawlessness is anarchy, not a free market.
It's impossible for bitcoin to prosper without proper regulation on bitcoin related enterprises. Clealy.
I come from China, where the bank system is quite different from that in USA and Europe. To express more clearly, I will simplify some things.
In China all individual remittance is irreversible, it's impossible to get your money back if you get defrauded because bank account can be easily opened using false identity card, and police is not ardent in such issues.
So the online retail market in China improve very slowly actually during those years. I was watching it very closely and I felt that Chinese online retail market will be impossible to prosper. Everyone was quite afraid of loss their money online.
Guess who want "regulation" never touch the "internet"? Of course those criminals who stole others' money don't want "any" regulation.
After the escrow service "alipay" appear with zero fee, it quickly go mainstream via oral spreading.
Also, China government forced all banks to change their online remitting requirement. Everyone must have a physical udisk inserting into computer and a cellphone receiving random code to remit online.
With all these Now we can say, online trade and payment in China is as safe as it's in USA, if not more. Even there is no insurance or the right of chargeback in China.
I know escrow in USA and European is not mainstream and such service their always charge high fees.
Bitcoin has grown so big that it will not still need "tradefortress" and "mark karpeles" to build service. Honest people and entrepreneurs are eager to enter into this world, waiting the proper regulate comes.
In China there is a saying: If in one aera bad guys blatantly defraud people and are not be punished, then the honest people will not enter into this aera.
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Bitcoin Talk 2.0 - You asked for change, We gave you coins !

Do we need a new forum?
Yes - 49 (24.3%) No - 34 (16.8%) Total Voters: 202
We've been losing good members for months now. The post about a dismal level of discourse is telling. If things do not change in these forums we will continue to lose smart contributors like Jason. For those of you who do not know what Jason did for the community let me tell you. He, along with Gusti and a small group of other engineers, tried to develop a public mining asic chip. While they didn't complete their task the effort was nothing short of amazing.
When I arrived on the scene almost exactly two years ago it was a small and fun community of computer geeks. Like half of you we came to mine bitcoin. We were mining on deepbit and slush's pool and using the brand new cgminer, it was awesome. People were helpful and kind and it was a community. But things have changed.
Part of the problem comes from the traffic. The admins claim they just do not have the time to manage all the noise. With more than 100,000 registered members and sockpuppets their task must be daunting. But that's why people gave them money, right? It recently came to light that Theymos is now paying the moderators and that he is distributing the $600,000 worth of bitcoin the forums have collected from donations in addition to the $130,000 per year the forums generate by running BFL ads.
Now I'm not here to tell Theymos what to do with HIS money but I'm tired of the lack of support from he and the team and the fact that they hold more than 1/2 million dollars and are doing little to improve the forums is embarassing so I'm calling them out and starting a new forum.
-- Viceroy from Bitcointalk.org
Bitcoin Talk 2.0
Here we would like to present a new Bitcoin Forum as requested of some respectable members from the BitcoinTalk community.
I am not Theymos. However, it's just pathetic for me to see how Theymos treats family members in the community in a very unprofessional manner.
Here are some answers to response to Viceroy from BitcoinTalk.
Good Design:
This forum is for everyone. So what is your opinion?
--Bitcoin Talk 2.0!
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We should know that most of those who hate regulation absolutely are scammers and fraudsters. Kick them.

Those criminals, including "tradefortress", "mark karpeles", "hackers", "money launderers", "Drug dealers“, can go out of Bitcoin World now. Thanks. Don't disguise you as anarchist over again, you are only a nasty scammer.
They want to rob people and encourage you not to ask police for help. They are liars.
Let's watch Bitcoin stepping into mainstream gracefully.
Bitcoin is immortal.
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How To Get Into TF2 Trading In 2019! Dwarf Fortress Masterwork: Tribal Kobolds (part 1) Cnbc fast money Fortress 20 mil bet on bitcoin Live from the trading floor, London Forex and Bitcoin trading session. Bitcoin Reacts To Key Support Zone - How To Trade It.

In one of the largest Bitcoin heists ever, cybercriminals have stolen 4,100 Bitcoin -- worth $1.3 million -- from online wallet provider inputs.io. How to sign up and trade with Bitcoin Fortress. You can create a trading account and start trading with Bitcoin Fortress in less than 20 minutes. However, we suggest that you take the time to go through the trading instructions carefully. The more you prepare, the easier it will be to run the robot. Bitcoin Fortress is entirely auto, and hence there is no reason to quit your day job to operate ... Bitcoin Fortress is a fully auto robot that trades BTC CFDs on behalf of users and with a supposed win rate of 94%. The robot is easy to operate for all, including those with no prior BTC trading ... October 17th #bitcoin-otc trade channel appears on IRC freenode. October 28th First short trade transaction: 100 coins between users nanotube and kiba on #bitcoin-otc. November 6th Bitcoin share capital reaches 1 million USD. Its exchange rate on MtGox reaches USD$0.50 per BTC. December 7th User doublec creates a Bitcoin app for the Nokia N900. User ribuck sends 0.42 BTC in the first ever P2P ... Bitcoin-Dienste: Hackerangriffe, Betrug und Millionenverluste Wie im wilden Westen: Eine tschechische Bitcoinbörse wird von Hackern kompromittiert und geplündert, ein chinesischer Anbieter ...

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How To Get Into TF2 Trading In 2019!

Dwarf Fortress Livestream (Streamed Mondays @ 1pm ET) https://www.twitch.tv/nookriumtv My Dwarf Fortress Tutorial Video - http://bit.ly/2b96lEq Playlist - ht... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Live Bitcoin Trading With DeriBot on Deribit - Duration: 3:59:50. DeriBot Backup 992 views. 3:59:50. The Biggest Reason Most Forex Strategies Fail (And What To Do About It) ... Michael Novogratz on cnbc fast money. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.