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From the NFL to the World!

Bitcoin can be the catalyst to providing education opportunities to children and adults in some of the most marginalized areas in the world. Join Marques Anderson and the World Education Foundation in providing life-changing programs, which create immediate impact and a brighter future.
After graduating from UCLA and playing in the NFL for 5 seasons (originally drafted by Green Bay Packers), I went back to school to receive my Master’s in Adult Learning and Global Change. Inspired by newfound knowledge, freedom and the excitement of adventure I set up the World Education Foundation in 2009 (WE Foundation) to provide education programs in the U.S., Africa, South America and Europe. Since then, WE have been on a journey to provide capacity building programs in some of the most impoverished communities around the world. We have been able to create over 330,000 malaria treatments in the DR Congo, provide Leadership programs to over 5,000 youth in Morocco and Algeria, and have been able to introduce American Football clinics to over 1,500 kids in marginalized areas.
Over the past year and a half, I’ve been hearing a buzz about a new currency, which has the potential to change social, economic and political landscapes across borders. A true REVOLUTION! In the press, Bitcoin has been under attack because of its “role in dodgy online markets.” Now- with the resilience of Bitcoin pioneers and the recognition that virtual currencies are a legal means of exchange, by Mythili Raman, there is great opportunity to change and shape the perceived culture of Bitcoin. Showing policy makers and users that Bitcoin can be a sustainable and well worthy currency, which can create a tremendous amount of good throughout the world and ultimately save lives, can only be good for continued growth in the Bitcoin community.
Bitcoin is the future and WE are at the brink of new exploration and social revolution. I want to grow with you all and create something special. WE operate focused on 4 critical elements: 1. Trust 2. Transparency 3. Communication and 4. Change (TTCC). Over the coming weeks I will supply information and pictures concerning the projects we are currently working on to begin to build a relationship with you all and see if WE can continue to positively impact the world together. Let’s set sail in uncharted territory; taking us on a journey, where WE look back at this point in history and WE find ourselves in amazement with what has been accomplished through synergy and effort.
The WE Foundation has just begun receiving Bitcoin donations and our wallet can easily be found on our site. You will also be able to find additional information on our initiatives and mission. I am very new to the Bitcoin community, so just as any other adventure, I will have a lot of questions and hopefully you will have a lot of questions for me as well. Through this open dialog, I hope WE can create a relationship, which allows us to maximize our potential together.
Humble Regards
Marques D. Anderson FoundeExecutive Director World Education Foundation www.theworldeducationfoundation.com
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